Sunday, July 18, 2010

Utah vacation Part 1

Since I know how incredibly boring other peoples' vacation photos can be, this post is mainly for my hubby so he can see photos of what we've been up to while on vacation in Utah, but if anyone else happens to be reading, enjoy! Warning, it is very photo heavy, though I've tried not to duplicate too many of the photos I've put on Facebook.

In chronological order, here is our vacation so far....

On the plane, 4th of July (the BEST time to travel - the plane was half empty!)...A quilting friend of mine happened to be on the plane right in front of me! We had a mini-show and tell. It was awesome!

What does a Mom on a plane do when her kids are behaving and entertaining themselves nicely? Quilt of course!At Grandma's, 5th of July...We love sitting in Grandma and Grandpa's front yard under the apricot trees just hanging out...
Roland's Dad
One of my favorite pics - it shows their personalities so well!
Fresh picked Utah cherries bought to us by Uncle Anthony. They were sweet and delicious!
Roland's best friend Dave (right) unexpectedly stopped by to visit. It was a great surprise!
Grandma taught Sofia how to make hats on this loom
I loved these red white and blue smoke bombs!The family watching fireworks
Joaquin getting his parachute man out of the tree
Spending the night at my friend Nanette's house in Oakley. Their home was beautiful and we were so comfortable. They made us feel so welcome! I just love good friends:)

American Fork Steel Day's parade and carnival...Phillip the monkey was excited for the parade....especially the police on their motorbikes. OK, inside joke there!
Joaquin eating breakfast waiting for the parade
OK, seriously, who did this kid's hair? Rachel??!!! lol...
Go, Kids, go!
Only in America!
Enlarge this one...look really closely....we are hoping that Roland and Rachel's Mom will be Miss Heritage one day;)
The boys and I
Coleman's 'lollie scramble' candy!
My new Keens bought for me as a present from Rachel and Chris - these suckers aren't cheap! Thanks guys! I love them!
Sofia and her Utah Grandparents
After going on this ride....

...Coleman ran off showing his new found New England roots by screaming, "That was *wicked* cool!"

After being on the Gravitron, Coleman could barely stand up...

Sad looking garden at our old house...Once upon a time this was beautiful and green. I'd love to get in there and make it pretty again!Coleman's birthday at Chuck E Cheese in Sandy...The birthday boy...
The guests....Sofia
Henry and Garrett


Mr Chuck E Cheese is quite the artist...
Rachel laughing at that fact that Roland sent her a postcard with NO WRITING ON IT!!! Really, I think she would have been surprised if he had written on it!
Excited to get a gift card from Daddy!

Swimming lessons at SLC Sports Complex...

Children's Museum at the Gateway...

Utah Museum of Fine Arts...

Ogden Dinosaur Park...
Sunday, July 18th, Temple Square plus extras...Coleman lying on the grass in front of the SLC temple
The pin dropping demo in the Tabernacle. The kids thought I was joking when I told them about it - then they saw and heard it for themselves!
If anyone still believes that us Mormons don't believe in Christ, I hope this dispels that myth!

Assembly Hall on Temple Square - this used to be our stake center when we lived downtown!

The train driver let the kids sit in his seat and honk the horn...
This was Coleman's food of choice at dinner...a big ol' plate of green peppers....yes, really....Roland, your old hangout!

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