Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coleman's Christmas Concert

Last night the Kindergarten classes at Coleman's school put on their annual Christmas Concert. Which is really just 20 minutes of adorable 5 year olds singing and looking cute! Sofia did this two years ago, and now it was Coleman's turn. They do the same songs every year so Sofia had great fun annoying Coleman all week by singing them:) These two children are very different. Sofia couldn't wait for the concert when she was in it. She was up front and centre, singing her heart out. There is no shyness in that girl when it comes to performing. Just like her Aunty Barbara! Coleman on the other hand, who is usually very outspoken and loud in everyday life, was very nervous and scared to perform. He kept saying he was scared he was going to be 'sweaty'! Funny thing is, he has the loveliest little singing voice, on pitch every time, but he really is shy to sing. Those of you who know him will know how suprising that is, especially when he is not at all shy in everyday life!Anyway, we finally convinced him to go to the concert and sing. Actually Roland is the one who did it - by telling him that he could go to Daddy's drawers and pick out any tie he wanted to wear. Did he pick a nice red or green one to go with the Christmas theme? Oh no, the bright orange one from the 'Jerry Garcia' collection! It of course came down to his knees.... But with a bit of tucking in, it was no problem! He looked adorable, and ended up doing a great job!

Coleman with his wonderful teacher, Mrs Doyle. You might want to go and watch this video I made of the kids singing 'Jingle Bells'. You will be able to pick out Coleman - he is the one who keeps ringing his bells when everyone else stops. Then he looks all around, realizes he's the only one ringing them and stops. Pretty funny stuff!

2 more years and Joaquin will be up there. It's becoming quite the family tradition!

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Marie said...

Love your new family page!! Your kids look so happy. You have a wonderful family and are so very blessed! But then again, you already knew that!